Searching for a nomenclature: Is it ‘afterlife?’

I am not sure that the best word for what I want to explore here is ‘afterlife’. Reading around the subject and how it has been portrayed, I came to the inevitable conclusion that the term itself has been used, overused, abused and confused. This is not surprising because it has been a subject explored by the best of intellectuals, the delusional, the downright crazy and the fraudulent! (Ironically, it may be that you think that I fit into any of those categories at the end of the day but at least not the ‘fraudulent’! However, I think that I will be taking a very different approach to the subject).

So to start with, what shall we do about the nomenclature: ‘afterlife’? What I am dealing with may not simply be about what happens after death or hereafter? Hypothetically, there may be a ‘before life’ dimension? There may be an on-going parallel with life itself? It may be about perception or consciousness? I have often looked into the sky (with or without a telescope) and its infinite nature and wondered whether or not the answer is starring us in the face? Aliens? Quantum consciousness? Does lightening and electricity provide a clue, as Stephen King seems to suggest through his fictional novel ‘Revival’?

I have been strongly drawn to a two-line poem written by the American poet, Robert Frost (1874-1963), a man who starred death in the face on several occasions in his life. The poem goes as follows:

‘The Secret Sits

We dance round in a ring and suppose

But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.’

It is conceded that a poem is open to many interpretations. (Which is the problem with language and nomenclatures generally). However, I am attracted to the idea of a ‘Secret’ that sits at the heart of everything and knows it all. And also I think the suggestion of dancing around in a ring or a circle is a motif that accurately describes the cycle of life, time and even space. So the secret encompasses the little we know and the much that we don’t. And includes questions surrounding our existence and what happens when we die.

So for the sake of clarity and a level of accuracy, I think the term ‘the Secret’ as used by Frost is a better nomenclature for this exploration.

May I welcome you to a journey into ‘the Secret’ 🙂