How Yvette Cooper lost my vote.

Yvette_Cooper_(5257912377)I would prefer a woman leader for the Labour Party but Yvette Cooper just lost my vote. She lost my vote and endorsement by her recent unwarranted attack on Ed Milliband and his policies. This is not about the man Ed himself (who did his best in circumstances that he could hardly control) but more about the policies. Yvette was party to these policies and I think the policies are good. Yvette’s now seem to want a Labour Party that looks like David Cameron’s Conservative Party, which in itself is a poor imitation of Tony Blair’s New Labour. However, the core and strength of the Labour Party is in various shades of ‘left’. Adopting the rhetoric of the Tories (e.g. Ed is anti-business) will get the Labour movement nowhere. Labour needs to be consistent with a message that recognises its roots and embrace it. Labour cannot afford to adopt the Tories approach, which adopts any and all positions. Social justice, equality and fairness must be driving force of this movement. Win or not, this movement must not lose its soul. I think Atllee would agree with my sentiment here.

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