Further reflections on the 2015 election & the Labour leadership contest

The 2015 general election was mainly won by the perpetuation of various myths bordering on deception by the Tories and the majority of the media supporting the Tory project. These myths included the baseless claim that the SNP will ‘blackmail’ a potential Ed Milliband’s government, the utopia of English nationalism, the reduction of immigration to 10s of thousands at most, the rise of a UK ‘giant’ after leaving the EU, austerity leads to posterity, everybody and all businesses pay less tax, ‘right to buy’ will provide housing for people, the management of the ‘aspiration’ of individuals and so on and so forth.Just-rose_485

Unfortunately, some of the leadership contenders for the Labour Party seem to be buying into these myths and it is informing their positioning going forward. Most of the leader and deputy leader candidates seem to appear to take these myths as ‘gospel’ truth. It is important that Labour as a Party work to debunk these myths. Pandering to myths or replicating such is not a principled reaction and should not be the Labours’ way.

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