Seven reasons why the Labour Party lost the 2015 general election



If Clement Attlee had the opportunity to dissect the dismal performance of the Labour party in the recent election, he would not disagree with much on my list as follows:

  1. The rise of tribal nationalism: English v Scottish. SNP fronts the Scottish nationalism and the Tories attracted the English nationalist. Not being of that mode, Labour was caught in between the nationalist.
  2. The demonization of a possible coalition between SNP and Labour.
  3. The overwhelming media on the side of the Tories (ultimately its is not the media that won it for the Tories).
  4. The leadership factor mainly due to the media portrayal of Ed Milliband.
  5. Confused approach to policies: ‘too left’ ‘not left enough’ ‘centre left’
  6. The fortunate improvement in the economic out-look in the run up to the election.
  7. The gamble by the Tories in offering a potentially dangerous EU referendum, which may ultimately cost the country.


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